The Problem with Mantrailing is…

The problem with Mantrailing is its addictive…The problem with Mantrailing is its dog led…The problem with Mantrailing is its adaptive… Well there isn’t really a problem, but there is many things about it which create problems for us. Us as handlers mainly, it’s no problem for the dogs to follow their nose. Mantrailing for funContinue reading “The Problem with Mantrailing is…”

What is a Scent Article?

It is usually an old holey worn pair of socks in bag, that is placed in a plastic bag, thrown on the ground and slobbered on by the dog doing the trail. But a scent article is more than just an old pair of socks, it is the whole trail really. You’ll often hear theContinue reading “What is a Scent Article?”

Choosing Long Lines for Mantrailing

Now you have a harness on your dog, it’s time to look at the long line. (Check out my previous blog on harness choice HERE) Many newbie mantrailers will select any old long line, and it can cause tangles, rope burn and potentially snap. Choosing the correct long line can make a huge difference toContinue reading “Choosing Long Lines for Mantrailing”