Getting started with mantrailing

Getting started with mantrailing doesn’t require you to complete a 6 weeks training course or commit to buying lots of equipment. Join Kathryn for an introductory session at a dedicated event or one of her progression sessions.


All you need to start is a dog wearing a flat collar or normal walking harness. Even better is a Y shaped harness they have not worn much. This, along with a 10m long, non extendable line and some tasty dog treats in pocket sized pots will do you nicely.

You will also need something made of fabric you have worn recently, such as a hat, buff or t shirt.
And that’s it! Note: Your instructor can provide you with a harness and long line if needed, so don’t go out and buy any equipment until you are totally hooked on the hobby.

What You Will Learn

This introductory course will get you and your dog started on your mantrailing journey together.

You will learn the history and theory of mantrailing, and how to do the sport safely.

You will also have the opportunity to hide for the other dogs and be part of their learning as well. Your dog will need to be able to be left in the vehicle between turns, but we can help as Trailing K9s is run by a Canine Behaviourist.

Once your introductory course is completed, you can continue your journey with a local instructor or any Mantrailing Global Instructor across the UK.

Find a Session and Learn More

Find upcoming sessions and sign up through our online booking system below, or email to book your space now.

If you have already started your mantrailing journey and want to learn more, check out the online trailing link below. To help you level up as a handler and increase your mantrailing knowledge.

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