Getting Started

To get started in your mantrailing journey, you first need to attend an introduction course with a Mantrailing Global/UK Instructor.

This course is usually around three hours long, and held outside. You, your dog and group of like minded dog owners will come together to find out about the sport of mantrailing. You’ll have a brief chat about the history and theory of mantrailing, followed by some health and safety, then hit the ground running getting into the game. Kathryn will guide you and your dog through the first trails, and help you on your way to success.

At the introduction the dogs spend some time in the cars between trails, so they need to be able to be left in the vehicles for short periods of time, so you can be hider for others dogs. Or if they are still in training to be left, you’ll need to bring someone with you to sit with the dogs between trails. It is just as much fun to be the missing person as it is to be the handler in mantrailing.

The workshops are perfect for reactive dogs as we work each dog individually in a private location. The dogs are worked at their pace and any issues are catered to, so the dog is never unable to cope with the situation.
With almost a decade working with reactive and anxious dogs, I can make sure the workshop is fun for you and your dog. As well as being a great way to build their confidence.

The cost for this workshop is £60. Once completed you can join Trailing K9s or any Mantrailing UK instructor on further progression trailing sessions. These start from £28 and are usually 2 or 3 trail sessions. These are where you start to see your dog blossom into a confident trailer, following the scent no matter the terrain or weather. We trail in all weathers and even at night, so make sure to pack the wet weather gear, extra water and a head torch!

We also host advanced or special event mantrailing which usually starts from £35 upwards for the session depending on the focus and goal, and length of session.

I also offer introduction and advanced skills workshops to be hosted other Mantrailing UK Instructors or anyone looking to see if their clients would be interested in it. I’ve even been hosted by breed clubs to get a whole gang into the game.

Costs for this is £350 per day with fuel charged on top depending on location. Please email to enquire about these hosted days.

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