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Harnessing the Hounds – Which Harness is the best for your mantrailing hound?

When it comes to mantrailing using the Kocher Method, as used by Mantrailing UK Instructors, the harness is not just a cue to start getting ready to trail. It is also an important part of communication with your dog, and how they can work a trail effectively. Obviously harnesses need to fit correctly, making sureContinue reading “Harnessing the Hounds – Which Harness is the best for your mantrailing hound?”

What is Mantrailing?

What is Mantrailing? (No, it’s not a dating website) It’s essentially Search and Rescue skills that we do with our pet dogs. For fun! We are not really teaching the dog anything new, but instead honing their natural super sniffer skills into a fun game. We teach our dogs to find a specific person theContinue reading “What is Mantrailing?”

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