Mantrailing is the UK’s fastest growing dog sport, want to find out why?

Mantrailing is a canine sport like no other, it is all inclusive.

If you dog has dog to dog issues, fear problems, has been kicked out of classes, and can’t be let off the lead then we want YOU! Your dog has a nose, so therefore it can trail.

We harness your dogs nose to find a “missing person”, the dog then gets a tasty treat or play at the end. Its not complicated, its great fun! Dogs naturally sniff every day, we just harness it for our games instead.

If you want to find out about mantrailing is then check out our blog on it HERE

Find out how to join in below…

How to get started….

We run introduction courses which teach you about mantrailing, and the methods we use. Once you and your dog get the game you can join our weekly classes.

We trail all over North Wales and part of Shropshire, but we’re based near Oswestry. We trail in both urban and rural locations.

To join in our introduction course please join our mailing list for the most up to date information or check out our Facebook page.

We’ll post all the introduction dates via email or check out the events page.

For more information on getting started and how mantrailing can benefit your dog, please visit our blog.

Your Instructor

Kathryn Jones is a Head Trainer for Mantrailing UK, Instructor and Assessor.
She completed her training in 2019 and hasn’t looked back, using Mantrailing to help dogs and owners have more fun together.
Mantrailing compliments her behaviourist work as well as providing an outlet for her high drive Springer Spaniels.

Trailing K9s

Founded in 2019 by Kathryn Jones.

Covering Mold, Wrexham, Telford and everywhere in between.
Available to travel to other locations on request.

Do you have questions about mantrailing and the training we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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