Bond Building and Dog Training

Often with dog training we get frustrated, and upset when the dog doesn’t get the idea. We can get hooked on our issues about wanting to be the best or have this ideal dog instead of actually enjoying our time together.

Training shouldn’t be about winning or losing. It should be about building a bond together.

Dogs just like us get fed up of sits, stays, and boring drilled recalls. They want as much variety in life as we do, but they also want to be able to use the natural abilities they have to explore the world. Aka use their nose.

Why not ditch the repetitive, boring and downright soul destroying constant obedience, and have fun with your dog?

Training together should be about building that bond. To the point the dog wants to work with you, not has to work with you. See the difference?

Dogs have many what’s in life, shouldn’t we be something that dog wants to interact with? By choice? Not by bribery or because you are the only thing they have to interact with?

Mantrailing is an excellent way to build that bond as a team, instead of with us dictating and the dog following. It naturally put the dog in the driver’s seat and allows them some freedom in their choices and actions. It also engages their brains to work hard to problem solve.

Allowing your dog some freedom to be a dog should be something you prioritise, and build into your life. Dogs aren’t born to be robots, they want to do dog things as well as our human dictated things.

Giving your dog the outlet to be in the driver’s seat makes you the best thing since sliced sausage, and actually gives you a break from training.

Win win really!

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Canine Behaviourist, Dog Trainer, Mantrailing UK Head Instructor, Dog Handler and Dog Collector.

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