The Scent Article in Mantrailing

The scent article is something which someone has touched or worn, they have then walked away from this object/article and left a trail of scent for the dogs to follow. The basis of mantrailing is the dog following the scent from that article and finding a specific person, rather than finding anyone in the environment.Continue reading “The Scent Article in Mantrailing”

Choosing Long Lines for Mantrailing

What is a Long Line? A long line is a longer lead than normal, usually 8-10 meters long which is attached to the dogs harness when mantrailing. The long line is a static line, not extendable so that you can maintain a constant tension with the dog while mantrailing. We use the long line toContinue reading “Choosing Long Lines for Mantrailing”

Mantrailing Reactive Dogs

Owning a reactive dog can be tough, and finding a constructive outlet that doesn’t increase their arousal levels can be hard. Often dog sports build up frustration and increase the likelihood of the dog having an outburst which can include barking, lunging, mouthing, spinning or even biting through sheer frustration. Reactive behaviour is usually fuelledContinue reading “Mantrailing Reactive Dogs”

Which Harness is the Best for Mantrailing?

Mantrailing harnesses come in a variety of makes and colours, but generally it comes down to the shape and size of the dog, as well as the fit for the dog. The harness needs to be fitted correctly in order to not rub or be uncomfortable for the dog. The fitting needs to be correctContinue reading “Which Harness is the Best for Mantrailing?”

How to Get Started with Mantrailing

Getting Started in Mantrailing To get started with mantrailing you need to complete an introduction course which will teach you how to safely handle the long line, select the correct harness, and work with your dog to find the hidden person. Setting you up to join further progression sessions or have fun at home withContinue reading “How to Get Started with Mantrailing”