Mantrailing Reactive Dogs

Owning a reactive dog can be tough, and finding a constructive outlet that doesn’t increase their arousal levels can be hard. Often dog sports build up frustration and increase the likelihood of the dog having an outburst which can include barking, lunging, mouthing, spinning or even biting through sheer frustration. Reactive behaviour is usually fuelledContinue reading “Mantrailing Reactive Dogs”

Harnessing the Hounds – Which Harness is the best for your mantrailing hound?

When it comes to mantrailing using the Kocher Method, as used by Mantrailing UK Instructors, the harness is not just a cue to start getting ready to trail. It is also an important part of communication with your dog, and how they can work a trail effectively. Obviously harnesses need to fit correctly, making sureContinue reading “Harnessing the Hounds – Which Harness is the best for your mantrailing hound?”

How to get started with mantrailing

So you’re wanting to do something fun with your dog. Start with something that tires them out, and uses their natural ability. Something that is enjoyable for any dog… We’ll you better start mantrailing, but how? I hear you cry! This is how! Joining in with a Mantrailing UK Instructor is as easy as firstContinue reading “How to get started with mantrailing”

Bond Building and Dog Training

Often with dog training we get frustrated, and upset when the dog doesn’t get the idea. We can get hooked on our issues about wanting to be the best or have this ideal dog instead of actually enjoying our time together. Training shouldn’t be about winning or losing. It should be about building a bondContinue reading “Bond Building and Dog Training”