How to Get Started with Mantrailing

So you’re wanting to do something fun with your dog.

Start with something that tires them out, and uses their natural ability.

Something that is enjoyable for any dog…

We’ll you better start mantrailing, but how? I hear you cry! This is how!

Joining in with a Mantrailing UK Instructor is as easy as first finding your nearest instuctor –

Then joining in on an introduction course, this course gives you the basic foundation of the game. It’s usually three hours long and you’ll meet with a group of other new dog owners, to get started. Your dog by the end of the three hours will be trailing people, and you will start to learn how to read your dog on the trail.

You’ll be introduced to the Mantrailing UK Method, a specific method used to teach dogs how to Mantrail efficiently or fun. You’ll handle your own dog, and also be runners for the other dogs there. So you get a chance to be at both ends of the game. It’s good fun to be a “body” for a dog to find, and it helps you understand how the game works further as well as how scent works.

It’s important when you turn up that the dog is not already harnessed as the harness is part of the trigger for trailing, we put the harness on at a specific time so its important its not on when they arrive.

You’ll also learn how to get your dog motivated, different rewards to use and how the game works. We encourage the use of wet food as this is part of the Identify. Hunt. Capture. Kill. Devour predator sequence that all dogs have. Toys are also brilliant for some dogs, and both can be used as well.

You’ll leave pumped to do more! It’s important you and your dog are taught the correct way to start trailing. It’s not as simple as sniff a rag then find a person, we need to build the dogs confidence and skill level steadily in order to maintain success.

Your dog will get chance to trail three times during the introduction course. And each trail will start to solidify the game of mantrailing to the dog for you and your dog. After the introduction course there will be opportunity to sign up for further trailing with your instructor, or another instructor which is part of Mantrailing UK

On the day we are teaching both you and your dog the fun that can be had from playing hide and seek with your dogs.

You will not need any fancy equipment to start, just a harness that fits the dog and a long line. Ideally no more than 10m long as it’s just to easy to get tangled.

Most instructors can lend you any equipment you need, and often you can try different harnesses to find out what suits your dog the best.

Reactive, fearful, old, young, giddy, abso, and down right mental dogs are welcome. We don’t discriminate against breed or behaviour. We know all dogs can trail, and we trail all dogs individually and on lead at all times. So there is no need to worry about your dog!

Once you’ve completed the introduction, then you can join in local trailing sessions, attend advanced weekends or trail with any Mantrailing UK Instructor in the entire of the UK. We are building up new events and progression programmes all the time to motivate you, and your dog. As well as challenge your skills.

You can start practicing trailing as home, but always be mindful of doing things wrong and setting your dog back in their progression.

It’s as easy as that. Attend an into course and then start trailing as often as you can get booked in to trail. The only problem with mantrailing becoming so popular is that its harder to get chance to be on weekly classes, as they are in high demand!

Mantrailing UK Instructors are all taught to the highest level and pass that skill on to you while training. The ability to read the dog while trailing, to understand the dogs preferred reward and how to deliver it, as well as how scent works.

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