My Mantrailing Journey

I started Mantrailing after attending an introduction about two years ago. I initially went along to learn more about trailing in order to bring the knowledge back to my security dog training, as I was having trouble with a few dogs. 

I didn’t intend to get hooked, I didn’t intend for it to become a huge part of my life. 

I was instantly hooked after seeing how quickly the dogs picked it up. 

In just two repetitions of the game my spaniel has got it, and was loving it! On the third trial she was like a trailing daemon! 

I saw how much joy she got, and I was loving. Watching all the different breeds get the game and actually enjoy themselves. 

It was AWESOME. 

I trailed with the instructor when I could get into her classes but she was swamped with the demand. 

I had been looking for a way to change my business in order to have some different strings to my bow, and this was it. 

So I bit the bullet and decided to do on the instructors course. 

BEST thing I ever did. 

Me and Titan travelled down to Stoneleigh at the Kennel Club Building, learning all about mantrailing, scent and running a business. 

I was surrounded by other dog people and it was heaven. 

Having never been on a course like this with other trainers, I have to admit I was a little worried but it was a blast. I have made new friends all over the UK and joined the mantrailing community. 

A supportive and encouraging community that I am now a huge part of. 

Mantrailing is more than just having fun with your dog, its a community of people who want you and your dog to succeed. 

You can’t learn things faster than anyone else, and there is no competition. There is just you trailing at you and your dogs pace. 

I have now gained my Level 1 with Titan, and am working towards it with Nessa and Captain. 

I have introduced so many people into the mantrailing worlds and coached them to success!

As soon as lock down is finished I hope you’ll be joining me at the first introduction course. 

I want you to join me in the excitement, the community and fun! 

Watch this space!

Published by Trailing K9s/Complicated Canines

Canine Behaviourist, Dog Trainer, Mantrailing UK Head Instructor, Dog Handler and Dog Collector.

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